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Welcome to the DONE Page (anyone remember the show that big red DONE is from?).  Actually, this is one of two DONE pages, there is also be one for modern work

Here I will put photos of completed projects, with links to all web presence regarding that item.

Pelican Motifs for cloak  Prepared for a Pelican elevation. Blogged here. Splendor silk thread on linen ground. 2015-2016.

Laurel/Pelican Motif
Laurel/Pelican Motif This motif was prepared for a friend's coronation cloak.  Blogged here. Splendor silk thread on silk ground. 2015

Marguerites for MargueriteDaisies embroidered for a friend's Laurel cloak. Blogged here. Splendor silk thread on silk ground. 2015

Laurel Cloak for Asa
Embroidery on a Laurel Cloak Vine of laurel leaves on a wool cloak. Blogged here. Hand dyed (greens, yellow) and Medici wool on wool ground. 2015.

Embroidered box cover for Queen's Gift. Top design from recipient's personal arms, images of her two horses, roses and strawberry leaves for her rank as a member of the Order of the Rose and a Duchess.  Webbed here, more photos here. Silk thread on silk ground. October 2013

Knit Relic Bag Silk thread, 5-0 needles.  Webbed here, and here. 2009

German Brick Stitch Pouch for Queen's Gift.  Silk thread, linen ground. Webbed here (including documentation), more photos here. Fall 2007.

Fingerloop Braid Book.  (Need to find my copy of the documentation). Silk threads on ground of unknown fiber (I think linen), Silk threads for the interior braids. Webbed here, more photos here.

German Brick Stitch Pillow. Silk thread on linen ground. Webbed here

Canvas Work pouch. One of my first pieces in the SCA, an entry in my first Athena's Thimble Pent -- my second year in the SCA. Silk thread on  cotton canvas. 

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