Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why, hello Thursday

As I mentioned, for a little while anyway I'm dropping this blog to "when I have something to say" -- but I'm still going to bore you with my Thursday honesty:

I'm going to need more of these.... 
Current project list/status (SCA/Historic):
  • C&L expert panel piece; Couched cord. Um, DONE.  Blogged on Monday
  • C&L expert panel piece; Couching around applique.  Plan is in hand.  In fact, I expect to go to my studio this evening to gather the materials. 
  • C&L expert panel piece; Underside couching.  Another small piece is planned for this.  I can't say much, because it is going to be a gift.  I'll keep careful notes and do a nice long process blog when it's been given. 
  • C&L expert panel piece;  Marshall Hanging.  Going away this weekend and this is going with me.  Possibly there will be a "here's the status" post next week.... maybe.
  • C&L expert panel piece; Icelandic altar frontal based piece.  Well, it has a name :)
  • Class this is (mostly) done, for now. The embroidery of the sample is done just have to do the making up. 
Sleeping projects (SCA/Historic): Being honest, I don't expect much to be done with these until after September, though maybe the event cushions will get pushed out.
  • Hem stitched square -- This has kind of gone into hibernation in my event basket, to come out when I have just that couple of minutes to do something.
  • That silk tunic I did for my husband -- still need to pull that out and get the seam finishing done, and maybe plan some more embroidery for it. 
  • Other garb waiting in the wings... Also in planning are a couple more coifs -- and shifts and shirts.  
  • Research.  I've started trolling for inspirational ideas.  My Pinterest boards are overflowing with "oh, that looks cool...."
  • Event cushions.  Got that lovely red fabric, just need to make the cushions.  There's enough to make "quick" envelope style cushions AND have enough for better box cushions down  the road.... maybe. 

Current project list/status (Modern)
  • Bay of Fundy Scarf.  Done -- Just have to block it and then photos will be posted.  Why, yes, it still needs to be blocked.  
  • Northern Lights Cowl --  I've been enjoying this one, though in the interest of getting some embroidery done it may need to be relegated to "pick it up occasionally, but only as a reward for getting some other stuff done."  Also, waiting rooms and such. Closing in on the end.  
  • Clothing for work.  Can we just take it as read that I need to do this and don't know when it's going to happen?  On the other hand, I did manage to knock out three skirts -- two of which can also be sun dresses -- thanks to JoAnn's cool "Style in an Instant" fabric (on deep sale).  
  • Studio project. A number of things have migrated back to the studio (where, admittedly, they belong), and a few things in the studio need to come out.  I need to determine a day each month for specifically concentrating on getting everything back to where it belongs, which should help keep this room organized. This has not been happening and it really shows in many ways.I did pick up the parts to work on changing up the one closet.  
Future project plans: (look, a new section) AKA "In the queue"
  • Knitting plans include  fingerless gloves with more of the alpaca that I'm using on the Bay of Fundy scarf.  I also got some lovely blue silk/wool blend that I'll need to find "just the right pattern" for, not to mention a stash that does not fit in the cedar chest which is supposed to be the limiting factor on yarns... 
Blog notes:
  • There will be the Thursday status updates, and otherwise some occasional posts updating progress. 
  • I have started my resources page (so far it has ONE thing on it).  I do have plans to add to it  A Bibliography page will have to wait until after September I think, it will be a massive undertaking. 
So, that's it for my plans for the coming weeks.  

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