Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sheep & Wool -- Maryland that is.

This weekend is the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival.   We're heading down on Saturday.  My husband is, once again, a competitor in the Grand Lamb Cook Off.  Last year he took 2nd place in the Adults category.

Meanwhile, I'm heading out to the festival itself to enjoy looking at fiber in all its glory.  Everything from fiber producing animals to finished products will be available.

This festival is a bit smaller than New York, but it certainly doesn't skimp on inspiration.  I spent a large part of my lunch hour today looking over the vendor list. I have started my "to look for" list also, but I'm sure there will be things that simply insist on coming home with me.

We'll be on site really really early (hubby has a very early judging time), and probably won't be leaving until they make us.  There will be pictures posted, but until then, here are a couple of ones I got last year:

Monday, May 2, 2016

Randomness - German Altar Frontal - maybe not the one you think

Many people who study medieval textiles are familiar with this late 14th Century piece at the Cloisters. A quick look back, I'm not sure I've talked about it, but that's for another day -- I certainly have photos enough of the piece which incorporates brick stitch in a different manner than the bags, pillows and box covering I've talked about lately.

Today, I decided to turn to LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) for a random piece.  I entered the search phrase "Embroidery medieval," and this was the one hit. (There are other pieces within "SCA  Period" but that's the one that came up for that particular word search.) It has a very different style to the background, yet it does have those lovely figures with the brick stitch fills, and very similar colors.

I will certainly be giving this piece some closer study soon.  I was going to do some of that study and say more, but I want to get this posted -- running late because my cat decided that this evening was the perfect time to learn whether she can be in the exact same place as a (full) glass of red wine.  Hint: no.  Good thing we had an extra keyboard around the house.
Germany, Lower Saxony, circa 1380 LACMA M.79.48

Monday, April 25, 2016


There is no post tonight, as I was preparing for tomorrow's Primary (for those who don't know, I am the Judge of Elections for my local voting precinct here in Pennsylvania).  There won't be one tomorrow either.

I make almost no political posts here, on Facebook, Google Plus, anywhere.  But, twice a year I do a similar rant.  Here is this year's version.

Ok, guys, here it is... my semi-annual rant. Tomorrow is primary day in Pennsylvania. If you are eligible and registered to vote VOTE. No matter what your background, people fought and died so that you can vote. There are also a number of people spending a very long day so you can vote (saying thanks to your local board of elections would be cool). In Pennsylvania there is ONE question, meaning everyone can go vote. In Montgomery County there is an "I choose not to vote" button --- so you can go and sign in and actually not vote if that is what you choose (I'll bet other counties have something similar).
But most important, it is your right AND your responsibility. It is one of two times a year *you* are part of the process. Whether you feel that your say is heard or not, this is the time you get to record it -- and it *will NOT make a difference if you don't say it* The "other side" might still win, but if everyone who thinks "I'm for Side A but Side B is going to win anyway, so why vote" were to go out and vote... MAYBE Side A would win.
(My wall, my rules, no negative comments, thank you.)