Thursday, May 26, 2016

Return of the Thursday update

Not a lot of progress to report, but I have to keep honest...

Current project list/status (SCA/Historic):
  • C&L expert panel pieces -- I'm working on finalizing my list and the designs for the individual pieces.  Once determined, each will have an entry here. 
  • Class this is (mostly) done, for now. Some work done on the teaching/sample project, because I feel I have to get this off my plate. 
  • Marshall Hanging -- No, nothing new.    
  • Hem stitched square -- This has kind of gone into hibernation in my event basket, to come out when I have just that couple of minutes to do something.
  • That silk tunic I did for my husband -- still need to pull that out and get the seam finishing done, and maybe plan some more embroidery for it. 
  • Other garb waiting in the wings... Also in planning are a couple more coifs -- and shifts and shirts.  
  • Research.  I've started trolling for inspirational ideas.  My Pinterest boards are overflowing with "oh, that looks cool...."

Current project list/status (Modern)
  • Bay of Fundy Scarf.  Done -- Just have to block it and then photos will be posted.  Why, yes, it still needs to be blocked.  Maybe this upcoming long weekend. 
  • Northern Lights Cowl --  I've been enjoying this one, though in the interest of getting some embroidery done it may need to be relegated to "pick it up occasionally, but only as a reward for getting some other stuff done."  Also, waiting rooms and such.
  • Clothing for work.  This may have to be moved up a bit, as one of my favorite skirts just gave its last.  Now I really need to find pink fabric I like because I cannot imagine not having something in that dark rich pink in my wardrobe.  Of course, I *could* get around to doing the hem on the black and white, that would help.  
  • Studio project. A number of things have migrated back to the studio (where, admittedly, they belong), and a few things in the studio need to come out.  I need to determine a day each month for specifically concentrating on getting everything back to where it belongs, which should help keep this room organized. This did not happen in January, or February, or March... Help me April, you're my only hope!
Future project plans: (look, a new section) AKA "In the queue"
  • Knitting plans include  fingerless gloves with more of the alpaca that I'm using on the Bay of Fundy scarf.  I also got some lovely blue silk/wool blend that I'll need to find "just the right pattern" for.  Also, attending Maryland Sheep & Wool this weekend will undoubtedly produce *something* new for the queue.... 
Blog notes:
  • Still working on a three day a week pattern -- Monday for SCA/Medieval/Renaissance related; Tuesday for post 1600 to modern related and Thursdays for status updates.
  • I have started my resources page (so far it has ONE thing on it).  I hope to add one or two things a week. That page will be web resources.  A Bibliography page will have to wait until after September I think, it will be a massive undertaking. 
So, that's it for my plans for the coming weeks.  

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Art Books

Not all inspiration for textile arts comes from existing textiles.  Art books can be a great source.  Not only for the representations of textiles in art, but also for themes and motifs.

One of the most common, the acanthus leaf vine, for instance, can be found in paintings, illuminations, stone work, metal work, and on and on.

We don't all have huge local libraries with shelves and shelves of art books.  Interlibrary loan is great, but so are some of the on line resources.  One of these that I have used as recently as this week is the vast catalog of Met Museum publications available on line, here -- many have free download of the PDF and full text on line.  Often even if full text is not on line, there is a "preview" option -- so you can get an idea of whether the book might be useful to pursue further.

Yes, for many things I like old fashioned "dead tree" books, but there is one advantage the PDFs have -- photos can be made bigger.  They do lose some some clarity, but it's a great help -- even if just to gather information to decide if you want to research a given item more deeply.

This leads up to the opening of a new page on this blog -- resources. Over the next weeks I will populate the page with resources such as on line books, museum collection search pages and even some of my favorite on line purchasing sites.  Watch for the new page to open soon.

Now, off to more fiber work!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Expert Panel announcment

It is official.  I will be making my Expert panel in Couching and Laid work presentation to Athena's Thimble (SCA East Kingdom embroidery guild) on September 24, 2016.  From now until then, all embroidery will be focused on that project.

The planned items will be:

  • A Simple couched cord design
  • A banner with cord couched around the applique.
  • A piece based on the Italian pieces I talked about here.
  • The Pelican medallions I did for a friends cloak, discussed here.
  • A piece based on an Icelandic altar frontal (not yet blogged)
  • A piece of underside couching.
  • And, for the "master work" the Marshall hanging, based on the Bayeux tapestry, which has been discussed on several posts.

There are a couple of other items I'm considering as small example pieces -- samplers and "learning example" items.  There will also be a presentation of information on existing pieces used as the inspirations and the form in general.  

So, it's just about exactly 4 months.  There will be plenty of progress posts during that time!

To close, I'll leave you with a shot of one of the animals from the Marshall.